Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hi Everyone,
 Before I begin I would like to thank everyone who has purchased a book. So far we have sold over 1000 and both Laura and I are very encouraged from the comments we have received. One thing I have learned is it is very difficult to have your book placed in big stores such as Costco. Apparently it is common practice to only sell books that are published by someone other than yourself. I wish I had known that sooner, who knows, maybe someone would have published it, either way I know Laura's story has helped others and that was our goal.
We are going to do one last big push for the book, so on June 8th/12 we are asking all you tweeters to tweet your friends and have them tweet theirs about the book. You can hash tag it as story of hope, overcoming alcoholism, poverty hurts children, abuse, or whatever else you think might catch someone's interest and click on the tweet. There are also some url postings that you could cut and past as well. Thanks again for all you have done, and please help up get a million tweets, okay, I am a very positive thinker. Also, watch for our YouTube presentation coming soon.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Watch this once more.

I recently watched the video of Laura again and it reminded me of how her story can help so many of us on various levels.
To the addict, it brings hope.
To those of us that have never lived this life style, it brings understanding.
It reminds all of us every child has a right to live in a world where they are loved and not abused.
It should shake us up in a way that we will become the voice for those children whose voices have been taken away from them
Also, a big thank you to all those who are great Foster Parents, you are a gift.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Such a Miracle

Hi, you will notice on the twitter side of the blog we were actually on Shaw TV. Sometimes I can't believe where this book has lead us. When we started our goal was to serve God and help others and never dreamed we would get the exposure we have gotten. Laura did a great job at the Princeton's Young Life Women's camp. One thing we all can learn from this book is that when we look at someone, we don't know what or where they've come from. So often we judge when we have no right to do so.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Kirkus New York - Review

 The review from Kirkus arrived today. Here it is:
Life coach and inspirational speaker Maddigan tells Laura Gilbert’s story—an unlikely triumph over abuse, addiction and despair.
Gilbert’s childhood was so bleak that it’s tempting to compare her to one of Charles Dickens’ abused, impoverished urchins; born to an alcoholic, pill-popping mother (father unknown), young Laura—nicknamed Squeaks by one of her mother’s boyfriends—endured her tender years in squalid hotel rooms in the slums of 1960s Vancouver. It was a world of rats and filth, brawls and bacchanals. Her mother existed in a state of stupefaction or rage, leaving Laura unfed, unwashed and unschooled. Often abandoned for days on end, Laura stole to eat and her only companions were street pigeons and a stuffed panda. Occasional rescues by social services—plus the good will of neighbors, a church lady, Laura’s loving grandmother and a girlfriend or two—provided temporary relief and much-needed meals, but never a permanent home, ultimately leaving Laura at her mother’s mercy once more. She soon learned to fight back, at one point stabbing her mother in self-defense.
Neglect and mistreatment planted their seeds, and booze, drugs and men eventually seduced Laura as they had her mother, with predictable results. At 18, Laura shared her mother’s helplessness—“[W]e both felt like our lives were a prison sentence.” As Laura becomes a mother, then a wife, her alcoholism grows acute and her self-destructive nature erupts. The cycle of drinking, regret, shame and drinking again will be familiar to anyone who has battled addictions or witnessed their destructive path through families. Maddigan writes convincingly in Laura’s voice, though at times the language feels too casual and na├»ve for the more sordid episodes.
And while Laura’s plight is moving, the litany of her misfortunes may exhaust some readers’ sympathies. A careful proofreading would have helped as well. Fortunately the sun finally shines in this dark book that culminates in a series of personal testaments—and a reprise of earlier characters—revealing how an unwanted, troubled girl learned to cherish and heal herself.
A journey from squalor to wholeness, occasionally tiring but ultimately uplifting.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lunch with the mayor of Chilliwack

Laura and I had a wonderful time with the mayor of Chilliwack, and a few others who are interested in helping hurting women and children. The subject is huge and certainly is not one that can be easily solved, however, without dialogue, heart and God's leading nothing will ever change.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Words of encouragement

Hi everyone,
  This book has brought such joy and encouragement to seemingly many. My cousin told me the other day it was the most inspiring book she has ever read. It was a good reminder to her that our family had good parents and grandparents and we were loved and taken care of. Sometimes we forget not everyone lives like we do. Laura's story, as sad as it is, is a good wake up call. It is important we help those around us and love them the way God intended us to love one another.